Full Committee and Subcommittees

The current Committee is constituted of 9 elected members and two non-voting members. The Committee works on a model based on effective subcommittees, rather than becoming unwieldy in size. The Committee also has the power to co-opt members.

Much of the day-to-day running of the Club will be devolved to these subcommittees. There is no formal requirement for them to meet, they can co-opt as needed and much of their work is carried out by email and telephone.

Voting members:

President:               Ian Gaseltine

Chair:                         Guy Seaborn

Vice Chair:            Treasurer

Secretary:                  Vacancy

Treasurer:                 Ben Chivers

Membership Secretary            Patrick Hall

Coordinator of Grounds Committee:           Gordon Watson

Social Secretary:              Vacancy

Junior Secretary:               Alan Dignam

Welfare Officer:               Guy Seaborn

Chair of Tennis Committee:         Simon Elliott

Members’ Representative:          Vacancy

Clubhouse manager:                   Elizabeth Howe

Non-voting members

Vice President:                 Patrick Hall

Head Coach                   Justin Layne


These are informal groups which are constantly evolving and subject to change.

Grounds Committee:


Gordon Watson, Martin Scutt and Gerry Spraggs


Elizabeth Howe

Additional members:


Tennis Committee:

Men’s Captain:

Simon Elliot

Ladies’ Captain:

Karolina Minczuk

Junior Secretary:

Alan Dignam

Competitions Secretary:


Head Coach:

Justin Layne

Junior Committee:

Junior Secretary

Alan Dignam (Chair)

Head Coach

Justin Layne

Welfare Officer

Guy Seaborn

Finance Committee:


Guy Seaborn


Ben Chivers (Chair of Subcommittee)



Junior Secretary

Alan Dignam