Membership information

Select the membership type required on the membership form to see the current fees payable for the current year. Costs and descriptions of the various types of membership can be seen on the page "Costs".

The annual membership year is 1 April to 31 March. Please use links below for members to update or join Colinton:

New Member  or Amend Details

For new members joining part way through the year, a reduced subscription is available from July (20% reduction) which is further reduced in October (50% reduction). 

For any membership enquiries please contact the membership secretary Tricia Mitchell Email Tricia

The Rules for Members can be Downloaded from  Membership pack 2021

Membership Cards
Members will be able to download and print membership cards from the Membermojo system after joining. These can then be used to prove membership if necessary.

Balls: The club provides tennis balls for the use of members. Three balls per court should be used.

Dress: Appropriate tennis clothes are required to be worn on court. Members are required to wear tennis shoes, as other types of footwear will damage the artificial grass.

Visitors: A Member may bring up to three visitors per month. Each visitor may only play once per calendar month and three times in a year. The cost is £3.00 per visit for adults and £2.00 per visit for juniors.

Social Tennis: On Saturday afternoons starting at 1:30 is the popular social tennis session where adult members can just turn up to mix in and play.

Child Protection: The club takes child protection very seriously and its policy can be seen via the link to the left of this page. Our child protection officer is Neil Russell whose contact details are in the clubhouse or he can be contacted via email here: Email Neil