Play Tennis

Comptons runs social tennis 3 times per week, a rusty rackets session for players returning to the sport or just starting out and team training and matches for the more competitive players. There is no reason not to find a place at Comptons where you can interact socialise and enjoy time with other people around the sport of tennis.

Tennis has many health benefits including increasing aerobic capacity, lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure, improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility to name a few. Comptons Tennis Club runs a bespoke TENNISfit session on a Thursday evening as well as hosting a yoga/pilates session on a Wednesday lunch time. If you are bored of the gym, want to do something physical around a fun sport or just fancy trying something new then we recommend you try one of these sessions or just get on the court and start playing.

If you have never played or not played for a long time Comptons has different ways for you to start. Rusty rackets on a Friday afternoon and a Tennis Xpress 6-week course (starting at different times through the year), means you can get on court, meet people, interact and develop your game, in a fun and social setting. There is also the opportunity to get individual coaching sessions with our great coaching team who are all LTA qualified and accredited.

For the younger players we have programmes to get them started as well as programmes for stronger players looking to compete. Once children start playing, it is a great way for them to meet new friends, be active, develop new skills, learn to persevere to improve as well as develop skills of understanding how to work in a team. Competition within tennis means that young players learn to understand how to cope with the emotions created by winning and losing. Comptons prides itself on setting standards around behaviour, rewarding effort and recognising and pushing players who are progressing quickly, whilst also nurturing and supporting players who want to play tennis and enjoy this great sport at all levels.

To get everyone playing we have a broad tennis programme for adults and juniors that suits most abilities and availability. Please see the coaching part of our website for more details on the programmes available.

Access to courts: Simply turn up and play once you have booked a court on the website or through the "booker"app.  Our large number of courts compared to members means that you are almost guaranteed a court should you require one except during our social tennis sessions. (To check when sessions are on and courts may be busier please see the booking part of the website or see the white board outside the clubhouse)

Club tennis: If you are looking to meet and play with other members, join our weekly social tennis sessions.  A reasonable playing standard is required, but we can provide coaching to get you there!

Competitive team tennis: Play other clubs in the leagues through our ladies and mens club tennis teams

Intra-club competitive tennis: Play competitively with other members through our annual tournaments.

Improving your game: Group or private lessons are available for adults and juniors.

Click here for more details on the coaching programme