Cringleford Tennis Club Management Committee

Here you can access current membership of the club's management committee as well as details of  their meeting agendas and approved minutes of these meetings.

Committee Members

Chris Mitchell, Honorary Chairman

Holly Setchell, Minutes Secretary

Dr. Fraser MacMillan, Honorary and Match Secretary

Kevin Woolrich, Honorary Treasurer

Sally Hardwick, Membership Secretary

Chris Hardwick, Website, IT

Paul Henery, Safeguarding Officer

Amanda Bailey, Safeguarding Officer, Coaching Liaison

Malcolm Clarke, PR Communications, Social Tennis Contact Point

Jenny Chambers, Social Tennis Contact Point , Stock Controller (Tennis Balls)

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Committee Meetings 

As part of the club management’s drive to ensure members are well informed of decisions taken to underpin the successful running of the club, both regular committee meeting agendas and approved meetings of past meetings with be published on the club’s website with immediate effect starting from September 7th 2023.


Annual General Meeting (AGM) November 18th 2023

Location & Time: Red Lion Eaton, First Floor 12 midday.

All members are welcome to attend, where they can hear from the Committee and ask questions.



Coaching Report 2023

Chairs Report 2023

Treasurer’s Report 2023 

Box League Report 2023

S&P Tournament Report 2023


October 26th 2023

Agenda | Minutes


September 7th 2023

Agenda | Approved Minutes


July 13th 2023


May 4th 2023


March 9th 2023


January 12th 2023


Annual General Meeting (AGM) November 24th 2022

AGM Minutes