Yoga for Tennis - Friday 13th September 6.30pm - 7.30pm

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In conjunction with Yoga Tree Studios at Brampton Heath, we have arranged a session of Hot Stretch For Tennis!

This focuses on stretching the areas which specifically effect tennis players, to help to relax tight muscles and encourage tissue resiliency.

This stretch class, using the therapeutic heat from far-infrared heaters is what every tennis player needs for a balanced training program, to lengthen tight and short muscles and also to help prevent injuries.

The far-infrared heaters in our studio heat the body itself, rather than the air in the room, this technology was developed by the medical industry specifically to penetrate deep within the tissues, muscles and bones. Performing stretches in the heat increases the flow of blood to the muscles and connective tissue which makes the body more responsive to the stretches, which will help to improve flexibility and muscle symmetry.

See our Facebook page for more details or click here to book.