Core Coaching

Core Coaching

The Core Coaching program is where the fun begins!

What Is the Core Coaching Program?

-This is the entry point for most people.

-It has an array of exciting courses for all ages and abilities.

-Great courses from primary (red/orange /green ball) through to secondary school ages (teen tennis/yellow ball sessions and squads) 

-For adults, we have pre-season tennis for men and ladies in March and run lots of adult courses between March and October.

What Can the Core Coaching Program Offer Me/My Child?

If you're looking for fun and engaging coaching that gives you/your child an amazing set of valuable life skills (coordination, balance, agility, concentration, respect, team work, fair play, problem solving, listening skills, communication, self-belief, confidence, sportsmanship and much more), then this is the place for you!

For adults who want to improve/ get fit and be social our adult timetable is here.

Is There a Place for Me?

The aim of this program is to have something for everyone. We have Mini Tennis for pre-school and primary school kids, Teen Tennis and yellow ball classes for secondary school kids, along with various adult classes! 

Please see the Core Coaching Overview for 2018.

TORPHINS AND ABOYNE ADULTS: See this term's Core Coaching adult timetable

ABOYNE JUNIORS AND ADULTS: See our for Core Coaching timetable.

TORPHINS ADULTS AND JUNIORS: Here is the Core Coaching timetable.

How Do I Book?

Please email to book. 

Club membership is required to participate in the coaching program.

Aboyne Membership

Torphins Membership

Weather policy: 

Core Coaching Courses are booked in blocks and in the event of bad weather cancelations....

1 bad weather session per course per term will be rescheduled for a later date. Players can also double up their sessions the following week by attending another similar session. 

If 2 or more bad weather cancelations per course occurs then this will be given back wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed. In this scenario every effort will be made to arrange an extra day however players who want to catch up may arrange to attend similar sessions until they have been reimbursed and caught up on missed time.