Focus. Intensity. Precision.

Focus. Intensity. Precision.

Is the Performance Squad for Me/My Child?

-Is your family open to supporting your child on their more intensive competition journey (7-12) tournaments per year plus regular matchplays (HotShot tours) and  will they compete outwith the local area (2-4 times per year?)

-Do they love the Development Coaching sessions and want to train and compete more?

-Do they have ambitions to be the best for their age group in the local area and possibly beyond?

-Are they competitive and doing well in tournaments and matchplays? Are they ready to commit to another session each week?


If the answer to these questions is "yes", this may be the place for you!

Coach's View of a DTA Performance Player

Performance players must play regular competitions in order to attain the required standard. They should approach match days in the correct manner as has been shown to them by the coach. They will enjoy competing and strive to improve performance on every occasion. They have a strong desire to improve in every single session they participate in; wether it be a competition or a training session . A competitive match is an opportunity to improve performance and routine. At this level, there is no alternative than to play tough matches as often as possible. Players in this program should compete as much as possible. The equivalent of 6 local and 4 non-local tournaments per year is the bare minimum; however, the more tournaments played the better. Performance players are expected to turn up early to warm up and train with intensity, focus and desire. They must constantly develop their problem solving skills and must learn to repeat good habits in our training sessions whilst eliminating the bad. They will set a great example for others in the Academy by demonstrating high standards of intensity, focus, dedication, tenacity and respect for themselves, the coach and their peers. They will be self motivated to improve and realise that to succeed takes discipline and hard work, positive reinforcement and repetition that can only be achieved through the correct mental and physical approach to training. 

The Importance of Good sportsmanship

DTA are very proud to promote good sportsmanship and fair play. In the past we have created the HotShot tour to encourage a fun environment for kids to learn and play in a good and fair atmosphere. With Deeside Squad we are constantly trying to associate wearing our squad hoody with the highest of good sportsmanship standards and fairplay whilst giving the players a good understanding of the rules to help them
enjoy the game. This at the heart of what we do and it is emphasised every day in training and before our matches.

What the Academy Offers

Performance players participate in 3 academy training sessions per week. This can be tailored to each individual in many different ways. Training is combined with an intensive competition program. At this level, we individualise each player’s training program to help them perform at their best on match days.


The academy will also flag up tournaments and organise regular matchplays (HotShot tours) to complement training. This provides an excellent opportunity for players in Deeside to train in a performance environment.

Strength and Conditioning: 

Each player will be given a strength and conditioning program to follow. These excercises will be learned and can then be done at the courts or in their spare time. Players are welcome to use the fitnes equipment at the club during coaching hours where I will be there to supervise.

Alignment of Player, Parent and Coaching Program Goals

We place great emphasis on ensuring the goals of the player, their family and the coach are aligned. This is critical for the coaching process to work for each individual. Open communication is key. Important aspects from the coach’s viewpoint are a commitment to improving skills between sessions and a desire to compete regularly in order to problem solve, learn and adapt to the different levels of competitive matchplay. 

Weather policy: 

Perfromance Courses are booked in blocks and in the event of bad weather cancelations....

1 bad weather session per course per term will be rescheduled for a later date. Players can also double up their sessions the following week by attending another similar session. 

If 2 or more bad weather cancelations per course occurs then this will be given back wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed. In this scenario every effort will be made to arrange an extra day however players who want to catch up may arrange to attend similar sessions until they have been reimbursed and caught up on missed time.