Fun tennis events in 2024 for players of all ages!

Match Week

The last week of each coaching block (for juniors and adults) is Match Week.

Players have the chance to test out their skills and understanding by playing short, timed matches with others in the group.

Coaches are on hand to organise the event, help matches run smoothly and pick up ideas on topics for the next coaching block – but this is all about players enjoying the sport!


These are bigger events that take place regularly throughout the year.  Each Festival event is based around a theme (e.g. a Grand Slam competition or a seasonal theme) and we’ll have extra activities to support the event (e.g. Halloween dress-up competition for Monster Smash).

We might be keeping track of match results, but that’s only to work out who wins the prizes!

These are the festival events planned for 2024:

  • New Year's Day Fun Doubles
  • Easter Festival
  • Monster Smash Festival
  • Girl Set Match Festival
  • Family Tennis Cup - Red
  • Family Tennis Cup - Yellow
  • Grand Slam Festivals - Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
  • Open Afternoons
  • Primary School Festivals