We might talk about “competitions”, but what we really mean is “playing tennis”

We love tennis, and our aim is to help players experience the full fun and excitement of tennis through: learning the basics, continuously developing their skills and playing the sport.

We believe that programmes which are only instructional are just wrong - learning tennis skills without playing the sport is like learning a new language but never using it!

We were thrilled to run lots of events in 2023 and we're looking forward to an even bigger competitions programme in 2024, including:

  • Box leagues – these leagues give junior and adult players the chance to play regular matches against other players of a similar standard
  • Team competitions – for many club players, team tennis is the most important part of the tennis year; Adults play in East leagues, Scottish Cup and lots of other team events; Juniors play in East Leagues, both summer and winter; there are leagues for Vets and SuperVets too
  • Individual competitions – from internal club events to county-level Grade 4 competitions, we’ll have individual competitions to suit everyone
  • Social tennis – we have seven ‘drop-in’ sessions each week where members can play short fun doubles matches

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