We have a partnership with 10is Academy to deliver coaching at the Club.  10is Academy offers courses from beginners right up to ITF level players.  Their youngest player is aged 3 their oldest is over 80.  

COVID 19 UPDATE: Group and One to one coaching is available to book, contact



New tennis courses created by Ely Tennis Club, with 10is Academy coach Fiona

Cardio Tennis

Get fit for tennis with this fast-moving and invigorating session. Tennis-themed aerobic exercise to music, with an enthusiastic coach to keep you going.

Express Tennis for beginners

Learn how to play tennis, cover the basics required to get you ready to start playing tennis.

Tennis Revamp / Rusty Rackets

If you're out of practice, want to reinforce your skills, need to tweak your techniques, then this is for you. We will cover the "3 Rs" for tennis - Reset, Refine, and Restore. Tweak your strokes to improve your technique and game playing skills.

Basic Doubles Tactics

Improve your performance on the doubles court. The goal is to give you the confidence to enjoy club sessions knowing you are the best doubles partner you can be.

To find and book one of the many other courses on offer, visit the 10is Academy