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Free Tennis

FREE Court bookings available below by clicking the time you wish to book.

To be eligible for these free tennis courts you must meet the Advance 50 or 25 criteria below.


Advance 25 

  •  Individuals in receipt of State Pension, Full-Time Students.
  • Under 25's on the following: Modern Apprenticeships, NVQ Training Schemes and Life Skills Training.

Advance 50 

  • Carer's Allowance, Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Benefit (not discount schemes), Employment & Support Allowance, Foster Carers and Children, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Guaranteed Credits, Working Tax Credit.

Cripplegate (Court 4 and 3)

Gheluvelt (Court 2)

Monday (1-2pm- 2 courts)




Tuesday (2-3pm 2 courts)

Tuesday (9-10am)

Wednesday (1pm-2pm 2 courts)

Thursday (2-3pm)




(10-11am 2 courts)

(11am-12pm 2 courts)


Saturday (3-4pm)


Tennis court users will have access to the same concessionary rates that our leisure centre users are entitled to. 

How to register for advance 25 and advance 50:

  • Email with proof of your eligibility.


  • Up to 25 % reduction on fees and charges (Memberships and Pay as you go) for Advance 25
  • That's £48.75 for an annual tennis pass. or £5.25 per court per hour on a pay and play basis.
  • Up to 50 % reduction on fees and charges (Pay as you go only) for Advance 50
  • That's  £3.50 per court per hour on a pay and play basis.