Intra-Club Doubles Matchplay


Read on below for the scoring format and steps on how to get started:


All matches will be played in a fun and social environment that is inclusive of all regardless of ability. You are able to enter with up to 3 different partners.

All players have the responsibility of contacting opponents and arranging date/time.


STEP 1. Decide who you would like to play with + see if they are up for it.


STEP 2. Let us know you are interested in participating via email: [email protected] + you will be added to the list.


STEP 3. Challenge another pair to a match from the list below!


STEP 4. Organise a date and time + book your court!


Those that have signed up can be found below - contact a pair to arrange a date and time to suit.

If you do not have contact details for a pairing, please contact either Steve Turnbull or Rob Smith, whose contact details are below:

Steve Turnbull: – mobile – 07795 517 880

Rob Smith: - mobile - 07484 110 171



  • 2hr matches with 2 x 12-game rubbers to be played.
  • Players must use their own balls (both pairs bring a tube and toss a coin to decide which used)
  • No entry fee.
  • Must be a member of GTC.
  • Men's, Ladies' and Mixed Doubles available.
  • Social + fun!


NOTE: You must have signed up by no later than Thursday 30th September.


Men's Ladies' Mixed

Ryan Gardiner + Will Butterill

Martin Oldridge + Mick Healey

Graham Bullass + Mick Healey

Pete Strauss + Graham Bullass

Terry Savage + ...

Nick Gale + ...

Karen MacQueen + ...

Kim Strauss + Anita Blades

Shelagh Elcock + ...

Rosy Retallick + Lesley Sherburn

Liz Boville + Lesley Sherburn

Valerie Bell + Jo Earl

Margaret Ward + Jill Street

Margaret Ward + Lesley Savage

Maria Butterill + ...

Ryan Gardiner + Valerie Bell

John Briggs + Rose Briggs

Will Butterill + ...

Paul Hughes + ...

Lesley Sherburn + Ron Wilson

Lesley Sherburn + Martin Oldridge

Jo Earl + Matt Lowe

Geoff Earl + Jo Earl

Mick Healey + Lesley Sherburn

Mick Healey + Tracy Butler

Graham Bullass + Janice Bullass

Lesley Savage + Terry Savage

Martin Oldridge + Maria Butterill

Nick Gale + ...

Kim Strauss + Pete Strauss