150 Club

What is the 150 Club?

The 150 Club is a chance for Tennis Club Members to win cash prizes while assisting the Club financially. Money received from the 150 Club goes directly towards subsidising tennis events such as social coaching, competition prizes and social events. Participants get a free Grange beanie hat on signing up - perfect for the chilly days on court - as well as 15% off list prices from our friends at Bruntsfield Sports.


How does it work?

Each quarter there is a prize draw - the prize is 50% of money collected each quarter shared between Members who have the numbers that match the 6 numbers drawn for the National Lottery Lotto draw on the last Draw of each quarter (excluding the bonus ball).
In the event of there being no winners in a quarter the prize money is rolled over to the next quarter


How much does it cost?

Entry is £5/month payable by direct debit.


How to Join?

  1. Go to the membership page of the website, click on '150 Club' and follow the instructions to set up a direct debit.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] confirming that you have set up the direct debit and to confirm which number you would like to reserve.


Good luck!