Grove LTC Singles Box Leagues

The Grove LTC singles box leagues are ideal for those players, who prefer more of a run-around. Who want to improve their skills in a fun, competitive environment with like for like players. 

Grove LTC operates its own internal FAST4 singles box leagues for men and ladies, you're welcome to compete to prove your skills against other members on a regular basis.

Rounds will run consistently throughout the year, commencing once every three months, lasting 10 weeks, with a break at the end of each round. 

Entries for the Spring 2024 Box League are now open and you can register your interest by signing-up to the latest round below, or by speaking to our competition administrator Mark.

How does it work?

Arranging Matches

> When a round begins, you will be given the contact details for your fellow group members.

> Participants arrange their own matches at their own leisure and are asked to play each other once only.

> Players are expected to arrange a mutually beneficial time and book a free court using the Clubspark system.

> Players should make accommodations with each other to supply their own equipment and balls for the contest.

> When a match is finished, players can register their own result via the LTA Competitions page where they signed up.


League Points

League points are simply awarded on a match won basis. 2 points for win, 0 for a loss.

      Example:              Result

            Player A          4     3     10

            Player B          2     4     8

Player A has won the match and won two sets (including the champ tie-break) and receives two points. Player B receives no points.

Promotion and Relegation

The top player from each group after a round is complete earns promotion to the next group. I.e - The winner from Group 3, will then be eligible to play in Group 2 in the following round if they participate again. If the winner of a group does not participate again in the following round, then the promotion will be awarded to the runner-up.

The player who finishes bottom will join the next group down in the following round, taking the place of the promoted player of the lower group.

What is FAST4?

FAST4 is an exciting new format of tennis, which allows you to play a fully competitive match in a shorter amount of time. Here are the LTA rules:

  • First to four games wins the set
    You play best of 3 sets and you play points as normal. The only difference is you need to win 4 games instead of 6 or 7.
  • Tie-break at 3 games all
    At 3 games all a tie-break is played to 7 points, 2 clear at 6-6.
  • No Ad scoring
    If the score reaches deuce, it’s a sudden death point. The receiver chooses which side to take the serve on. This also applies in doubles with the receiving pair deciding who receives the serve. However the pair cannot change positions. In mixed doubles the player of the same gender shall receive.
  • Match tie-break at 1 set all
    If the score reaches one set all, then a match tie-break will decide the match. The match tie-break will be played to 10 points, 2 clear at 9-9 to determine the outcome of the match.


A full-length FAST4 match, including a 3rd set tie-break will take on average just about one hour. 

How do I enter?

Visit the Male or Female box league by clicking the relevant link above.  You will be taken to the LTA Competitions portal. To log in to the portal, you simply need to use the same LTA login which you already use to log in to the Clubspark website.

Simply click enter:


Then tick the relevant box available and continue:



You will recieve a confirmation of your entry:



Then, when the competition manager has accepted your entry, you will recieve a confirmation email and you will be ready to play when the round starts!



When the round begins, you'll be able to see all the groups on the Ladder landing page and the various results players have registered. You will be allocated into a group with players of like-for-like or challenging ability, as best as Grove can provide for you.


If you have any questions about the leagues, or want to know more, please get in touch with us via our Contact Us form and someone will get right back to you.