Keys to the Clubhouse & Floodlight Tokens

Clubhouse Keys

All members can purchase a set of keys to the Clubhouse for a fee of £10. To buy a set, please email [email protected] and we'll arrange to get a set to you in exchange for a crisp £10 note.

Floodlight Tokens

Floodlight tokens cost £5 each, which provides 60 minutes play per court.

The tokens can be purchased from Gannon Sports in Gullane.

To use the tokens, please choose your court (Court 1 is the top box, Court 3 is the bottom box), and place one token in the slot on the right hand side of the box as you look at it.

Once your token is accepted, the clock will countdown from 60:00 minutes. The lights will switch on immediately, but please note it will take a couple of minutes for them to warm up to their full brightness.

On completion of your time, the lights will automatically switch off. If you would like to continue playing, insert a further token. The floodlights will again take a couple of minutes to warm up to their full brightness.

If you have any issues with floodlights, please contact [email protected]