AGM 2018

Gullane Tennis Club - AGM Minutes.  Monday 19th February 2018


Committee Present:

Bryan Leslie (President), Lindsay Renwick (Treasurer), Ann Marr, Claire Renwick, Martyn Camburn, Susan McGrath


Members Present:

Evelyn Irvine, Pauline Cox, Sandy Blackett, Alun Joseph, Roddy Barbour, Brian Brownlie, Jo Green, Wendy Ireland, Emma Ireland, Hilary Matthews, Mary Holden


1. President’s Welcome

  • The President welcomed those present to the 2017 AGM.


2. Apologies

  • Received from Pete Fox, Vickie Sandeman, Roderick Robertson, Miranda de Burgh, Jane Kirk, Sheila Low, Jeannie Newcombe, Michael Smith, Gerald McInes, Marg McInnes, Sandra Pardoe, Jennifer Strachan, Liz MacCullum, Katie Meiklejohn, David Robinson, Beryl Robinson, Isabel Anderson.


3. Minutes from Previous AGM

  • The minutes from the AGM held on 9 February 2017 were agreed.


4. President’s Report

  • Bryan Leslie gave his annual report.


5. Treasurer’s Report

  • Lindsay Renwick gave his annual report.


6. Annual Subscription Levels 2017

  • Two changes were agreed to subscriptions for 2018:

1. Junior age category to reduce from £30 to £27.50 to bring in line with Student and Concessions categories;
2. Remove the social / non-playing category as nobody has purchased this in the last three seasons.

  • Other subscription rates were agreed t0 remain at 2017 rates.


7. Coaching Report

  • Roddy Barbour gave his first annual report.


8. Match Secretary Report

  • Alun Joseph (Team Captain) gave his annual report.


9. Annual Club Recognition Awards

  • The Chair was pleased to introduce Hilary Matthews and Pauline Cox to present the inaugural Annette Fox Salver, Junior Player Award for 2017. Hilary and Pauline announced the Annette Fox Salver for 2017 is presented to Emma Ireland. Emma has a fantastic attitude in Junior Coaching, has developed her skills throughout the year, has responded well to coaching, and is a regular player at the courts with her father.
  • The Chair was pleased to introduce Evelyn Irvine to present the Irvine Salver. Evelyn announced that the Irvine Salver for 2017 is presented to Pauline Cox. Pauline has previously been a committee member and committee secretary, is a regular social tennis player, and has helped deliver junior coaching and cardio tennis throughout the year.


10. New and Retiring Members

  • Ann Marr and Paul Winkle are stepping down from the Committee after the AGM, and are relinquishing their committee roles.
  • The remaining current committee members were nominated and approved to continue.
  • Roddy Barbour (Head Coach), Alun Joseph, Jo Green and Brian Brownlie were nominated and approved to join the committee as general members.
  • Confirmed committee for 2017:

Chair: Bryan Leslie
Treasurer: Lindsay Renwick     
Head Coach: Roddy Barbour     
Team Captain: Alun Joseph
General Members: Brian Brownlie, Claire Renwick, Jo Green, Martyn Camburn, Susan McGrath


11. Annual Tennis Club Dinner

The annual dinner and awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 28th April at The Mallard Hotel, Gullane.  

The menu and booking details for the dinner will be communicated via email newsletter.


12. AOB

  • The Wimbledon ticket ballot will again be via the LTA automated system. All members are encouraged to “opt-in” to the ballot by 23rd February.  Names of successful winners of the GTC tickets will be circulated by email after the ballots start in mid-March.
  • The East Lothian Open takes place from Monday 23rd July to Saturday 28th July; all courts will be unavailable to members during this time. The Club is looking for volunteers to administer the matches taking place at GTC.
  • The next court “clean-up” session will take place on Sunday 15th April. All members are invited to bring brushes and brooms to help with this.
  • Members were reminded that to use the ball machine they should attend a short induction, which as well as covering use of the machine, will outline health and safety requirements and liability in case of accidents.
  • Brian Brownlie will contact the ball machine manufacturer to ensure we have replacement “flaps” in case of breakage.


13. Date of next AGM

  • The next AGM will take place in February 2019, exact date to be confirmed by the committee toward the end of the year.

Sandy Blackett thanked the committee for their hard work in supporting and managing the club, following which the President closed the AGM and thanked all for attending.