Mini Tennis

What is mini Tennis?

This is where all tennis players under the age of 10 start from. Mini tennis is made up of smaller courts, smaller racquets and different presurized balls depending on the players age and ability. This makes tennis accessible to all ages from 4 upwards. 

Mini Red Tennis

Mini red tennis is played from age 4 to 8 years old. The court is 11 meters by 5.5 meteres or 12 metres by 6 meteres depending on the venue with a net hight of 80cm. Mini red tennis can be played with either a sponge ball or a red felt ball. Players can use racquets from size 19 inches up to 23 iches.

Mini Orange Tennis

Mini Orange tennis is played from age 8 to 10 years old. The court looks more similar to a full sized court however is made smalled to help for the size of the players. The court is 18 meters by 6.5 meters and the net is still at a hight of 80cm. At this age players can only use a 23 inch racquet. 

Mini Green Tennis

This level is played by ages 10 years to 11 years old. This is played on a full sized court with a slightly lighter ball. At mini green the tennis racquet size has to be 25 inches.  

Moving up to full Yellow ball 

At 11 years old plus players will be using full yellow balls which is what the professionals play with. Players will also be using full size racquets to meet the demands of the higher compressed ball and enalbling them to hit the ball harder and with greater spin.


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