Fun Tournaments

A number of "Fun" Tournaments take place throughout the year.Many of these involve eating and drinking !

Next Up .......

Men's Doubles and Ladies' Doubles - September 16th 2017

All members are welcome, whatever your ability or confidence.

Other favourites include:

"Strawberries and Cream Tournament" - June
Our annual tribute to Wimbledon. 
Plenty of strawberries to go round - as long as you get there before the Chairman! (see picture)

"Cheque Book Tournament" - April
(The Internet Banking Tournament - just doesn't have the same ring to it!)
This one kicks off the Club Year and is a a gentle reminder to everyone that the annual subs are due.

"Barbecue Tournament" - Tues 8th August - Play starts at 6:30pm
We provide the hot coals - bring your own food.
The concentration starts to waver for those still still playing when the cooking starts ....

"Muffler Tournament" - January
Monday 2nd January - 10am
Wrap up warm, play some tennis and then thaw out with a glass of mulled wine (or 2)