Covid Risk Assessment & Operating Plan – 18/03/2021

A risk assessment and operating plan has been drawn up for when the club reopens after Covid lockdown on 29/03/2021.

The document is available for viewing here : Covid Risk Assessment & Operating Plan


General Data Protection Regulation – 25/05/2018

Due to new GDPR privacy laws, HWLTC want to ensure that all members are happy for the club to keep their details on our database, and to receive emails from the club about tournaments, social events and any other activities/notices HWLTC feel they need to issue.

If you wish to opt out of receiving emails from HWLTC, please respond back to club@hwltc.co.uk or advise, preferably in written form, any committee member.

A GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy statement for HWLTC is available here : GDPR Policy


Code of Conduct

Click here to view the club's Code of Conduct document.


Complaints and Disciplinary Policy

Click here to view the club's Complaints and Disciplinary Policy document.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Click here to view the club's Cancellation and Refund Policy document.


Sustainability and our Environment

In 2019 the UK Parliament declared a Climate Change Emergency. Soon after, the UK government set themselves a legally binding target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. However, such an undertaking will require support from us all.

How is the club contributing?

· Recycling - The club has an efficient recycling system where recyclables are gathered and deposited in separate bins for collection.

· Re-using - A large quantity of plastic tennis tubes are donated to the local scrapstore as they are difficult to recycle. Old tennis balls are passed on to charities.

· Reducing - The club endeavours to minimise energy usage in the first place. The boiler is controllable remotely and can "learn" how to heat the club house efficiently, plus in 2023 we installed LED floodlights which use about half the electricity of the previous mercury vapour ones.

· Composting - Grass cuttings and leaves are collected and the resulting compost is available to club members for their garden or allotment.

· Minimising Food waste - leftover food (e.g. from events) is taken home or re-offered to club members.

· Insulation - The club house is well insulated with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.

· Car-sharing - Teams share transport to local ‘away’ matches.

How could club members contribute?

· Ensure items are put into the correct bin (recycling or landfill) so that further sorting isn’t necessary.

· Please turn off the floodlights on your court if you have finished playing (it is not necessary to wait for all the courts to finish before turning yours off).

· Try travelling to the club by bus. See Plan your Journey and bus timetables. A number of local buses stop near the club on London Rd (about 5min walk) and are fairly frequent.

· Offer someone a lift. You can ask the club committee about members living in your area (this information will be passed on to you, under GDPR constraints of course).

· If possible, try walking/cycling to the club. Bike racks are located at the back.