A wide range of club activities

Sadly, some of our usual organised tennis and most of our social activities are temporarily on hold due to the Coronavirus.  Despite that, there are still lots of opportunities to play tennis and to meet other club members (in a safe way).  Club members can use the courts at any time (so long as they have booked online before arriving at the club) for singles or doubles play or for individual practice against our practice fence on court 5 or with our ball machine.   You can also arrange coaching, either individually or in small groups.

Our Club Activities pages (see below) give you more details about regular activities at Hillside LTC and also about ones that we would usually run but can't at the moment.  Joining in is a great way to meet other members and make good friends.

Adult and Junior tennis players of all ages and any standard of play are always very welcome at Hillside LTC.  There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with things at the club. 

Please use the tabs above to find out more details or choose one of the following: