Box Ladder

December to February  2024

For the Ladies Draw click HERE


For the Mens Draw click HERE



  • 2 players up. 2 Players down. 1 Player stays. 
  • 1 Point for Playing. 2 Points for a Win. No Play = Removal 
  • Contact SHARNA 07305687853 for your opponents contact number


  • All boxes will be on the notice board in the clubhouse. Add all scores to these. 
  • Contact your opponent in good time & arrange a convienient time to play before the deadline date.
  • Book no more than 2hrs for your match 
  • The scoring format is the best of 3 sets. At 1 set all play a Championship Tie-Break to 10points (not a 3rd set to 6 games) 
  • Good Luck!


  • Any questions contact