Club Championships

Finals day order of play


Mens Singles Open | Mens Singles Intermediate | Mens Singles 45+ | Mens Doubles Open | Mens Doubles Intermediate 

Ladies Singles Open | Ladies Singles Intermediate | Ladies Doubles Open | Ladies Doubles Intermediate 

Mixed Doubes Open | Mixed Doubles Intermediate | Mixed Doubles 45+



Play the best of 3 sets - at 1 set all play a Championship Tie-Break to 10 points
Play your matches early to avoid any issues

You will receive a minimum of 2 matches each event.
If you win your first match you move forwards to the right, if you lose your first match you move backwards to the left.

Louise holds all contact details if needed.  Also any questions ask Louise.


Start 1st June - Finals Day 2nd September 2023



For Opponent Details Contact Louise 07852 294347