Court Booking Rules and Terms of Use

Ilminster Recreation Ground Public Tennis Courts 

  • For each booking made you will receive a * followed by a 6 digit PIN code via email that will allow you access to the courts via the access gate to each of the two blocks of two courts.
  • Please ensure that you play on the court number that you have booked.
  • The code is at the end of your email. Please note that there will be a 2 minute delay between the booking being processed and an email arriving with the customer with the PIN Code.
  • Each person is required to register with the LTA, through the Clubspark online system, and book a court before playing in all circumstances.
  • Ilminster Town Council reserves the right to cancel bookings of any person who does not abide by the terms and conditions. This will be carried out by cancellation of their booking.
  • One court can be booked for one hour. The maximum number of hours per week is 5. These can be booked online through the Clubspark system and a PIN code will be issued unique to that hour of play.
  • The first time you use the system, you need to register your account. For subsequent  bookings you can go directly to the bookings tab on the website.
  • You must book a court online before you play and cancel any unwanted bookings online.
  • Anyone can book up to 7 days in advance for up to 5 one hour sessions per week.
  • All users are advised to bring along evidence of booking confirmation (e.g. email) with them when they play to resolve any confusion as to who has booked the courts at that time.
  • Ilminster Town Council has the right to cancel bookings at their discretion. An email will be sent to the court users notifying them in advance.
  • Ilminster Town Council reserves the right to pre-book the courts for coaching and special events at its discretion.
  • Ilminster Town Council reserves the right to close the courts at their discretion (notice will be given in advance where at all possible) for any court maintenance (e.g. court cleaning, fence repairs).
  • In the event of bad weather/adverse playing conditions users should do their upmost to cancel the booking. The booking cancellation window is 24 hours.

Court Rules

  • Players should read, understand and abide by the rules.
  • Players should comply with the principles of respect and fair play, both on and off the courts
  • Players should wear appropriate sports clothing and footwear when on court.
  • No ball games other than tennis to be played on the tennis courts.
  • No playing of music, no bikes/scooters/rollerskates, no dogs or other pets are allowed on the tennis courts. Ilminster Town Council staff reserve the right to request users to leave the facility if this is breached by court users.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the court boundaries.
  • Take off the court everything you take on – including all balls and general litter (please use bins provided)
  • The public play tennis at their own risk and are asked to apply common sense in looking out for themselves and other court users at all times
  • Ensure you close the court gate properly when you leave. Do not let anyone else (who is not playing with you) through the gate. Allow them to use their own access code to gain entry.
  • No person may coach others for financial gain without the prior approval of Ilminster Town Council
  • Report any damage to the staff at Ilminster Town Council via tel: 01460 52149 or email


Right to Play

  • You must book a court online before playing, so please bring booking confirmation with you.
  • If there are any problems please contact Ilminster Town Council.
  • In the event of a dispute, the person whose name appears on the booking sheet will take precedence.
  • Staff from Ilminster Town Council reserve the right to ask any person they feel is misusing or behaving in an anti-social manner to leave the tennis courts.


Please contact Ilminster Town Council for any information required:

Tel: 01460 52149


Facebook: Ilminster Town Council