Coaching Sessions

Here at Kinetic Tennis we offer sessions for all ages and abilities. With our extensive team of coaches we are able to offer a large range of sessions available for all ages and abilities. All of our sessions are able to booked using the timetable below. 

We are able to offer a member and non-member price for all of our sessions. If you are interested in becoming a member please visit the individual clubs website for more information. 

LTA Youth

Blue - 3-5 year

Red - 5-8 years 

Orange - 8-9 years

Green - 9-11

Yellow - 11+

For more information on which LTA Youth session you should attend please use the following link


If you are finding it hard to book your session please use the following help sheet to help you understand how to use our booking system. 

If sessions are going to be cancelled you will be contact either via our WhatsApp groups or messaged directly. However, if you are usure, please use our weather chart to see if the sessions will be on or not. 

Refund Policy

Once you have booked your session you are obligated to attend / pay for this session unless any of the following circumstances occur.

  • We cancel the session due to coach illness, court booking issues or bad weather
  • Appropriate notice of 7 days given, or family emergency
  • COVID-19 Related Issues 

If any of these circumstances occur your payment will be added to our refunds databse where the following will occur: 

  • We will contact you at the start of a new term stating how many sessions we owe you
  • You contact us outlining which session you would like us to re-book you onto 

We do not offer a direct refund, we re-book you onto a new session equivalent to the ones that you had previously paid for. 

For more information please contact us on: 

[email protected]