Our Coach, Bill Connell, has put the following programme in place, to take effect from April 2017 :


4pm - 5pm Kids for Tennis 5-8 yrs old

5.30pm - 6.30pm Mini Red 5-8 yrs old

7pm-8pm Men Rusty Racquets


2pm - 3pm Over 55 Squad

4pm -5pm Mini Red 5-8 yrs old

5pm - 6pm Kids for Tennis 5-8 yrs old

8pm - 9pm Ladies' Rusty Racquets

Friday :

4.30pm-5.30pm Combined Mini Green and Juniors 10-14 yrs old

5.30pm - 6.30pm Kids for Tennis 5-8 yrs old

Saturday :

9am-10am Mini Red 5-8 yrs

 10am-11am Tots 4-5 yrs         

11am-12noon Mini Green & Orange 9-10 yrs

 12noon-1pm Junior 11-18 yrs

  1pm-2pm Coaching 11-18 yrs

Coaching is also being offered by Bill on either a Sunday morning or a Sunday afternoon, for adults or children. The sessions can be anything from Beginner, Rusty Racquets, Cardio or Team Player. If you email Bill at with your requirements he will put on sessions to suit.




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