The Opening of Kingsley Tennis Club

Kingsley Tennis Club's refurbished all-weather tennis courts were opened at the Kingsley & Newton Village Institute on Saturday 27th August 2016 by Mr Rob Forster, President of Cheshire County LTA. Mr Forster was accompanied by several members of the Cheshire County LTA Executive.


The tennis court refurbishments were one part of an on-going programme of improvements to the Kingsley & Newton Village Institute that were initiated by the new Management Committee that was put in place in February 2015.


The project was made possible by generous funding from various people and organisations : the Kingsley Parish Council, CW&C Rural Support Programme, an anonymous donation, Borough Councillor Ralph Oultram, Frodsham Round Table and Tesco, who took on the cost of refurbishing one of the courts through their Bags of Help initiative. Representatives from the Parish Council and Tesco were also present at the opening.


The LTA Registered Kingsley Tennis Club was established under the auspices of the Kingsley & Newton Village Institute.