KTC Club Championships

Competition Entries

Entries are now open to Club Members for the following 2021 Club Championships:

   Mens Singles
   Men's Doubles
   Mixed Doubles

Women's and Junior Championships will be announced separately. 

Entries will close on Sunday 16th May, and the draw will be made shortly afterwards. The competitions consist of several rounds (depending on the numbers of entries), which take place over the summer months, with the finals being played on the weekend of 4th/5th September. 

Entries can be made through this link 2021 Entry Form and there is no charge to enter. If you wish to enter one of the doubles completitions but have no partner, please submit your entry and we will try to find a suitable partner for you.

Please pay careful attention to the Competition Rules below, as they include important information on the responsibility for arranging matches.

Competition Rules

Arranging Matches / Deadlines

i) All matches must be completed by the due completion date of that round of matches.

ii) The first (top) named player or team in any match is the challenger, and they should contact their opponents within 2 weeks of the start of that round of matches giving a minimum of two dates on which they can play. The opponents should make every effort to accept those dates, or propose two alternatives.

iii) In the event that a match is not completed by one week after the due completion date, the two sides should agree between them which side was responsible for the non-completion of the match, and that side will forfeit the match.

iv) In the event that neither side can agree to forfeit the match, the adjudicator will decide the result of the match by the toss of a coin.

Extenuating circumstances will be considered, especially when a match has to be abandoned by bad weather, but the maximum extension to any deadline will still only be one week, at which point, rule iii) and then iv) will apply.

NB – At the completion of all matches the winning player or team must immediately write the results onto the competition sheet in the clubhouse.

Match Details

All matches are the best of three Tie-break sets, unless both sides agree beforehand to play the best of five.  Tie-breaks should be played at six games all.


Karen Dekker (07912 021703 / [email protected]) will adjudicate the rules and conduct for this year’s competition.  Karen will be available to help competitors with any ambiguity or mediation required throughout the duration of the competition. In the event of a dispute, the adjudicator’s word is final.