Club Safeguarding

Our Club's Welfare/Child Protection office is Mrs Bridget Ware. She has attended the Safeguarding in Tennis Course, and is PVG-checked.

If you need to discuss any concerns in relation to safeguarding or welfare at the club then her contact details are displayed on a poster in the clubhouse. You can also contact her by email:



Kirkhill Lawn Tennis Club is committed to prioritising the well being of children and adults at risk promoting safeguarding in the Club at all times.

With limited space within our clubhouse we have signposted the right 2 stall toilet area as a female changing area and the left (of the kitchen) with a shower and single disabled toilet and as gents primarily for convenience however the disabled facility is for any gender and for needs of changing and showering but is single occupancy only. 

If we are made aware that a child or adult self-identifies as different from the gender they were assigned at birth, we will work with them and their parents/carers (where it relates to a child) to make reasonable adjustments to toilet arrangements to suit their needs.

Members/Parents/Children/Vulnerable Adults/Carers must be aware of the following:

  • When using the toilets and changing rooms, all children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult (parent/carer); they must not be left unattended at any time.


  • Children aged 9-18, depending on their gender, must use the appropriate male/female toilets and changing rooms. However, if any child wishes to use the toilets or changing rooms and does not wish to change in either the male/female toilets, they may use the Disabled Toilet which is clearly marked. All toilets and cubicles are single occupancy.


  • Due to the risks of inappropriate photography or filming, mobile phones or any other device must not be used for that purpose within the changing area. Filming and photography is strictly prohibited. Any concerns should be raised immediately with Club Staff or Club Safeguarding Officer(s).


  • Mobile phones should be used sensitively in all areas of the club and with respect to other people using the facilities and must not be used in toilet areas.


  • If children are uncomfortable changing or showering at the Club, no pressure should be placed on them to do so. Parents/carers should suggest instead that they may change and shower at home.


  • Under no circumstances should volunteers or coaches use the same changing area as children using the changing area/disabled toilet.


  • Vulnerable adults should be accompanied by a parent/carer when using the toilets or changing rooms.

If anyone has any concerns with the above, please contact the Club committee or Club Safeguarding Officer(s).

The club has a Safeguarding policy and an Equality & Diversity Inclusion policy  and others that are accessible in a folder in the clubhouse and from the weblinks below:

Safeguarding summary

Diversity and Inclusion

KLTC Safegaurding