Our coaches and committee members were delighted to read the comments below from members and guests. Please contact us if you'd like to give any feedback on your time at Llantwit Major Tennis Club.

" Brilliant afternoon fun had by all." (Tennis mum)

"Joined the Club in July after moving to the town and found everyone really friendly and welcoming. There's weekly social tennis and a broad standard of play, so it's easy to play at the standard you want"

"She is really enjoying it." (Tennis mum)

As a family that is new to the area, joining the Tennis Club has been a great way of meeting people and making new friends”.

Last year my wife and I moved into a village near Llantwit Major. We had played tennis in the past but not for a while so in the spring of 2017 we enquired about playing at the courts in Llantwit on a ‘pay as you play’ basis. We received such a warm welcome from members that we decided to join the club immediately. It really came over as a friendly club. Six months later we are enjoying our tennis more than ever and have made so many new friends, some that we meet up with socially. Joining the tennis club has proven to be an added bonus to a successful house move to a new area.  We’re so glad we joined.”

I had lived in the area for over a year and struggled to meet people socially. Encouraged to go to the first open meeting, I attended and haven't looked back since. Having not picked up a racket for 25 years, I re-discovered my love for tennis. I have made many good friends, feel valued and an integral part of a growing, warm and community based club. Onwards and upwards!

"My daughter started tonight at the Juniors training and really enjoyed it.
My son also now wants to start!"
(Parent of new mini player)

"I really, really, really, really enjoyed that!"  (Mini player age 8 after her first coaching session)

"From the open day our experience has been an extremely positive one.  Everyone we have met or communicated with have been so friendly & welcoming & the coaching that (name) has received on the open day by yourself & Rob at the summer camps & Saturday lessons have been superb. The information we have received has been great & it was so easy to become a member online.  We are really happy to have become members". (New lady member and Tennis mum)