Booking, see instructions below

Booking Conditions

  • 14 day advanced booking
  • 1 booking session per day: 4 slots allowed 
  • Non-members please see instructions below
  • Children under the age of 11 should be supervised by an adult when playing on the courts. 

Use of Floodlights

  • Tokens for the floodlights, costing £2.00 per half hour per court, can be obtained the Standlake Village Shop.
  • The switch for the shelter light is located on the right hand wall of the shelter under the meters - This is timed for 2 minutes
  • Put a token in the appropriate meter (i.e. Court one, two or three as marked) - Light will be bright after three minutes
  • No money at all should be inserted into the meters - only tokens
  • The clock will display the time. The green light on the post to the left of the shelter will light up 5 minutes before the end of your chosen time. If you wish to continue playing for another half an hour then immediately put another token in the meter.
  • If the lights go off then you must wait 15 minutes before using another token
  • Once the floodlights turn off, a spotlight will shine towards the gate to show the way out. This light will remain on for 4 minutes
  • Floodlights may be used as follows:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Up until 9.00pm
Wednesday,Thursday, Friday - Up until 10.00pm


Non-members can book a court through this booking page and the following time slots are available.


Court 1

Court 2


2 - 4 pm

6 - 8 pm



4 - 6 pm


10 am - 12 noon

4 - 6 pm


2 - 4 pm

6 - 8 pm



4 - 6 pm


9 - 10 am

9 - 10 am / 7 - 9 pm


1 - 2 pm



Please follow these simple steps on this "Booking" page, to book and pay for your court hire:

Step 1: Select the required time slot

Step 2: Create an account (name, address & password) or sign in if you are a returning player

Step 3: Make your online payment.

Step 4: You will receive an automated e-mail confirming the court details and the court access code.

Flood light tokens can be purchased from the Standlake Village Shop.

If you have any issues with your online booking please email:; or and we will respond as soon as practicably possible.