Club House

Lower Windrush Tennis Club

Clubhouse Proposal - Information

The Lower Windrush Tennis Club (LWTC) is based at the Standlake Courts and welcomes members of all ages and abilities.  A court is also available on a ‘pay as you play’ basis for non-members at specified times. Details here. The LWTC is keen to enhance the facilities offered to members by providing a small club house, in order to attract new players/members and to ensure the health and safety of our juniors in particular. 

Coaching sessions are run extensively by Excel Tennis Academy, using professionally qualified coaches throughout the week, and lessons are disrupted if the coach needs to escort a child into the village hall to use the facilities there, at which point the rest of the group are left alone on the courts.  We cannot provide parent helpers for all these outdoor sessions to assist with supervision.  Safeguarding standards require that we ‘ensure children are adequately supervised at all times.’ 

Standlake School enjoys free weekly use of the courts in the hope that local children will take up playing tennis as result.  Better facilities will also enable the club to put on day time holiday courses for juniors. 

It is hoped that a small clubhouse, which will be secured when not in use, will offer the following:

  • Toilet - close to and visible from the courts for independent use
  • Drinking water
  • Shelter
  • Storage for equipment  Inc. first aid kit
  • Sink/kettle/microwave/small fridge
  • Table and chairs for 8 people (parents/post-match teas)
  • Notice board

The LWTC have been in discussion about this with the Parish Council (PC) for some time now, as they needed to give permission to use PC land near the courts. Community consultation was carried out at end of 2015/early 2016 with Toddler Group, Friends of Standlake School and Youth Club, as well as 3 hours of general public consultation outside the post office. 

A number of different locations for the clubhouse were considered, including ones between courts 2&3 and overlapping with the playground. These were reviewed with the PC and a position at the top of court 3 was supported. However, concerns were subsequently raised that the position would be problematic in terms of vandalism, distance and the ability to connect services. In January 2017 the tennis club approached the PC again and the PC approved a site next to court 1 for a small wooden 16 x 20 ft clubhouse to meet the needs of LWTC, much closer to the courts, which encroaches less into the back overgrown corner of the playground. The tennis club would aim to have its own water and power supply and different options are being considered for sewerage.

The tennis club are now commissioning a professionally drawn site plan and will then seek planning permission, a process which will invite further feedback. LWTC will discuss conditions for use of the clubhouse with the PC as part of the planning application, taking on board that feedback.

The aim is to get people playing and enjoying tennis safely!

If you would like to get involved in supporting this initiative to improve our local facilities or just join in with tennis, please see our new notice board outside court 1 or visit the website for contact details.