Coaching at MLTC is run by our Head Coach, Nigel Mann.  Group coaching can be viewed and booked online by clicking on the links below.  If you wish to have individual coaching, please contact Nigel via email: [email protected].uk.

Adult Group Coaching

Junior Group Coaching

Junior Holiday Camps


Coaching Team

All coaches at our club are from NMT Coaching Services and are LTA Qualified and Accredited/Accredited+ Coaches. They attend regular courses keeping them up-to-date with current coaching methods, whilst ensuring they are safe to work with children and have a valid first aid certificate.

The coaching team includes:

Nigel Mann

LTA Accredited+ Senior Performance Coach
Head Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(home) 01494 766464
(mobile) 07941 094274
(email) [email protected]
For more information about Nigel please click here

Richard Downs

LTA Accredited+ Senior Performance Coach
Assistant Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(mobile) 07793 553379
(email) [email protected]
For more information about Richard please click here

Robert Flynn

LTA Accredited+ Performance Coach
Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(mobile) 07540 049404
(email) [email protected]
For more information about Rob please click here

Andrew Flynn

LTA Accredited+ Coach
Coach – Maidenhead LTC
Competition Organiser
(mobile) 07869 440459
(email) [email protected]
For more information about Andy please click here

Lewis Brown

LTA Accredited Coach
Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(mobile) 07551 565558
(email) [email protected]