MLTC AGM - 25-11-2021

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Dear Member,


As explained in my first email at the start of October, we will again be holding our Annual General Meeting (Thursday 25th November at 7.30pm) as a virtual meeting via ZOOM. Obviously, this is not an ideal way to have our AGM, so we will follow the process below to try and mitigate the problems with a virtual meeting (eg. trying to vote will be difficult, as will good communication for all participants if there are lots of questions & answers).

  • All nominations (detailed in the proxy form), normal AGM reports & 2020 AGM minutes have been published on the MLTC website
  • This AGM reminder email also has the Proxy form attached which we are recommending that members use to vote (and also recommending to delegate anything they do not want to vote on to the Chair).
  • The proxy form can be returned to the club or a photo taken and emailed back to myself at [email protected] 
  • AGM final reminder email sent out on 11th November with the below ZOOM meeting link, the below ZOOM etiquette rules (and the Proxy form attached again).

I would encourage you to complete a proxy form, even if you do not want to attend the AGM via Zoom, as we still require the AGM to be quorate (at least 30 voting "attendees" or "proxies").


If you have any questions which you would normally raise at the AGM, then please send these to [email protected] and the question together with an answer from the committee will be posted on the MLTC website regularly.


Many thanks,


Gareth Jackson
Hon Secretary


email - [email protected]


Zoom link for AGM:

Susan Topchik is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Maidenhead Ltd AGM
Time: Nov 25, 2021 07:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 975 432 1000
Passcode: tennis 


I would like to propose some basic rules that will govern our upcoming AGM on the Zoom platform, to make the meeting more efficient and expeditious. Holding a virtual meeting with so many participants is a challenge, and it is important that we all abide to certain "Zoom Courtesy Rules". Any questions, please get in touch at [email protected]
1.      Muting: Zoom allows participants to turn off the audio function, muting themselves, and turning it back on when it is their turn to speak. This practice also contributes to silencing surrounding noises and echoes at each participant's end. We will start the meeting with everyone muted, and you will all be able to turn on your audios, when appropriate.  Please remember to mute again when you finish speaking.
2.      Speaking: You will all be able to "raise your hands" when you wish to intervene on a discussion, by clicking on that icon (usually at the bottom of your screens.) You can also ask to be recognised to speak, by writing a message on the "chat" function, which is also at the bottom of the screen.
3.      Voting:  You will be able to express your votes against either by audio or on the chat box, when I call for a vote.   


Proxy Form:

MLTC Limited - 2021 AGM Proxy Form.docx