Safeguarding & Complaints Policy

Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club Safeguarding Policy Statement

Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults at risk.  The club is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and LTA requirements.  

The club’s safeguarding policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children and adults at risk are paramount in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that regardless of age, ability or disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, socio-economic background, all children:

  • have a positive and enjoyable experience of tennis at Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club in a safe and inclusive environment
  • are protected from abuse whilst participating in tennis.

Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club acknowledges that some children, including disabled children and young people or those from ethnic minority communities, can be particularly vulnerable to abuse and we accept the responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure their welfare.  

As part of our safeguarding policy Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club will:

  • promote and prioritise the safety and well-being of children and adults at risk
  • ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and adults at risk
  • encourage and maintain a culture where people feel able to raise a genuine safeguarding concern and are confident that it will be taken seriously
  • ensure appropriate action is taken in the event of incidents/concerns of abuse and support provided to the individual/s who raise or disclose the concern
  • ensure that confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns are maintained and securely stored
  • prevent the employment/deployment of unsuitable individuals
  • ensure robust safeguarding arrangements and procedures are in operation

The Club Welfare Officer is Linda Trebilcock, who can be contacted on  01752 669008 or 07881 672951. 

The club’s policy and procedures will be widely promoted and are mandatory for everyone involved in Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club. Failure to comply with the policy and procedures will be addressed and may result in dismissal/exclusion from the club.


Anyone who does not feel comfortable raising a concern with the Club Welfare Officer should contact the LTA Safeguarding Team directly on 020 8487 7000, the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) or the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.  Further details about whistleblowing can be found in the club’s safeguarding policy.


The club’s safeguarding policy will be reviewed every two years, or sooner in the following circumstances:

  • changes in legislation and/or government guidance
  • as required by the Local Safeguarding Children Board or LTA
  • as a result of any other significant change or event.

Full Safeguarding Statement

Diversity & Inclusion Policy


Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club Complaints Policy

This is the policy that we will follow if your complaint is about someone's conduct or behaviour. This could be because you think that someone has behaved in a way that is unsafe, unprofessional, discriminatory, offensive or intimidating. It could be because someone has broken important rules or policies.

Values and principles

You have the right to complain; we take complaints seriously. You should not be harassed, bullied or put at a disadvantage because of making a complaint.

Equality: You should receive a proper response to your complaint, regardless of your age, gender, disability, race, religion, nationality, social status, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Fairness: We believe that complaints should be dealt with fairly and openly. Unless it would put other people at risk, those affected by a complaint should have a chance to contribute and respond to any investigation.

Safety and welfare take priority: We will always give priority to concerns that affect safety and welfare. Issues affecting children will be treated very seriously.

Confidentiality: We treat complaints as confidentially as possible.

Sometimes we have to discuss complaints with other organisations. If we are worried about a risk to a person or to the public, we might need to pass on our concerns to the right authorities. If necessary, we will get advice from other organisations such as the Police, Social Services or the LTA.

How to make a complaint?

If you have a complaint, it is often best to start by having a conversation with someone at the place to play. There are some suggestions below about who to speak to. They may be able to help to resolve your problem. You could also make a written complaint.

If your complaint needs to be looked into further, you will normally be asked to put your complaint in writing. We accept anonymous complaints, but it is often very difficult to investigate these properly. It is easier for us to handle your complaint if you provide as much detail as possible.

The address for written complaints is at the bottom of this policy.

Who to contact to make a complaint?

Complaints will usually be handled by the Management Committee. Useful contact details have been included at the bottom of this policy.

  • Management committee: You can speak to any of our committee members.
  • Coaches: Any of the coaches can also tell you how to make a complaint.
  • Welfare Officer: If you are a child, or if you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child.

What will we do to investigate?

We will give an initial response to your complaint within five working days. If the matter is urgent, we will respond more quickly. We will investigate your complaint fairly. This means that we will discuss the complaint with all of the relevant people. We will try to gather any information that may be relevant to handling your complaint.

Sometimes we will ask to show copies of information from the investigation to other people to allow them to respond. This is because we believe in fairness and openness. We will not share information if we think that this will endanger someone's safety or welfare.

How will I know what is happening?

You will be given the details of a person who will be your point of contact at the place to play. That person will make sure that you understand the process, and will help to answer any questions or, concerns that you have. You will be given an update on the progress of your complaint every two weeks. If there, are delays in handling your complaint for any reason, we will keep you informed. If your complaint leads to formal disciplinary action against someone, we will usually inform you about the outcome. We will not tell you the outcome if that person is a child or if we believe that telling you would create a risk to other people. In this situation, we will still try to tell you about how you are affected by the action that we have taken.

What are the possible outcomes or results of my complaint?

In many cases, we are able to resolve problems informally. This might include:

  • A change in arrangements for particular activities.
  • An explanation or apology.
  • An agreement to communicate or act differently in future.
  • If an informal resolution is not suitable, then a small committee of senior officials will look at the information about the case. We will try to make sure that this committee does not contain anyone directly involved with your complaint. They might decide to take the following action:
  1. Formal disciplinary action under the rules of the place to play.
  2. Formal disciplinary action against a member of staff.
  3. Changes in formal contracts or arrangements put in place by the place to play.
  4. A decision to refer the case to another organisation such as the LTA, Police or Social Services.
  5. Closure of your complaint without action.

Is there anyone else I can talk to?

Sometimes it can be useful to speak directly to someone outside the place to play:

  • You need urgent advice about someone's safety or welfare
  • You don't want to discuss the issue with someone at the place to play
  • Your complaint is very serious
  • Your complaint involves other organisations
  • You need specialist advice

The LTA is able to advise on a range of different complaints, and in some cases will handle the complaint directly. If you are worried about a child's welfare you can contact the following people:

  • The Welfare Officer at the County LTA
  • The National LTA Welfare Department (24 hours)
  • Childline, or the NSPCC advice line, local Social Services, Police

Questions or queries about this policy

If you have a general query about this complaints policy, you should speak to the following person:

Chris Shorter (Chairman)

Address: Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club, Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth PL3 5JR

Contact Number: 01752 316404

Email: [email protected]