Member and non-member / public pay & play

Please check and comply with the current Covid laws and guidance as published on the government and LTA websites.

With all play, any current social distancing and hand hygiene must be observed at all times.


All member and all non-member / public pay & play at NBTC requires a pre-booked court.

Court bookings / usage is free for members but there is an additional time based fee for their guests and also for non-member / public pay & play bookings.

All Court bookings are made via a browser using the integrated LTA Clubspark system which is widely used at UK tennis clubs. The logon for this can be found on this site under the ‘Booking’ section.

Alternatively you can use the Clubspark booking mobile app which can be downloaded from app stores (Android or iOS).

To book, members and non-members / public pay & play, will initially need to register with Clubspark to get an LTA user name and password (usable through browser or app).

Members are restricted to booking a maximum of seven slots in each rolling seven day week (minimum 15 mins, max 90 mins per slot). Booking opens at 8am for the new seventh day (eg Tue 8am allows booking for a week on Tuesday). 

If members wish to bring a non-member as a guest, then the court booking must be made via the club website (not the app) and use the ‘add participant’ option at the start of the booking process, name your guest and ‘save’ to then add any further participants.  

On completing the booking, the non-members charge of £5 per person per hour will be calculated and any fee can be paid digitally using the standard ‘Stripe’ payment system.


Public pay & play booking

General public non-members can book to play on courts 5 and 6 with a base charge of £10 per hour.  The active key code for the general public gate on court 6 will be provided on the booking confirmation email.

Club members can also book courts 5 and 6 for no charge (unless playing with guests), on a first come, first served basis.


With all booking, if you have booked and subsequently decide not to play, please remember to cancel the booking to free the court for use by others. 


Club Social Tennis

North Berwick Tennis Club is keen to promote tennis for all. In addition to organising your own games at the courts there are also different routes to meeting others within the club.

Please see sub-sections for more details on each of the following

  • Club Social : adult member turn-up and play sessions
  • Organised games : weekly chance to share availability and be matched with others
  • Tennis ladders : to be launched at the end of the current match season
  • Try Tennis : new to the sport or returning? need a racket? Come along and join in.
  • Juniors : a range of support for junior players and new starts


If you want to improve your game, the club is supported by a number of coaches – please see the coaching section where individual and group sessions can be offered.

If you want competitive tennis, please see the Teams section and look out for club tournament and championship events.