NTSC Testimonials

You've come to the right place if seeking a club that extends a warm welcome to guests and looks after its members.  Read what our members have to say about our club:


Having thoroughly enjoyed Coffee Morning Squash for some time, I joined NSTC under a family membership last year so that my family could use and enjoy both the tennis and squash facilities on offer.

We live in Uckfield but are quite happy to travel to Nutley (like a lot of other people) to enjoy such activities as Club Nights, Coffee Morning Squash, Ladies' Squash Coaching, Box League  and League Matches all of which  take place at the Club. It is a wonderful resource which would be greatly missed especially from a social point of view as we have made many good friends since joining this welcoming club.

Kathleen Southall, Uckfield


Three years ago my son showed an interest in squash. Thanks to the NTSC we have not looked back. We all play now and have a family membership.

This is a valuable asset to the community, I have never known a club that is so inclusive and accepting of all standards.

I have made some amazing friends and achieved so much through this club.

As a community we are very privileged to have this facility especially as it is fairly rural but still well attended, in fact my son plays most days with his friends. How brilliant to have somewhere affordable for the youngsters to go to that is safe and keeps them active.

Nicky Walter Chelwood Gate


I have been a member of Nutley Tennis and Squash Club since Spring  2017. Despite being a member of other racquet and sports clubs, Nutley simply outshines then all. It is a particularly accessible and positive club with a growing youth base and regular group coaching sessions for all age groups. I am a member of the weekly ladies coaching group which put out two teams in the Ladies Sussex Squash 2019 league - something which no other squash club in East or West Sussex with much ‘better’ facilities managed  to achieve. Away teams frequently describe our club as a hidden gem and envy our atmosphere and camaraderie. Our coaches and club committee are enormously proactive and foster a ‘squash for all’ approach.

Ianthe Stark, Crowborough


NTSC is a tremendous local club with a great standard of play. My family and I enjoy using the facilities and it’s essential they are retained in the future.

David Brett


I came to Nutley Squash club this time last year. I arrived back in the UK after 23 years of living overseas, knowing no one in the area. This squash club and all the people I have met through it has been a genuine life saver for me as they are friendly, supportive and inclusive. Even though I started as a complete beginner I felt welcomed from the start both at coffee morning and Wednesday night training. This club is vital to the community and a real asset to Nutley.

Sally Barwell, Buxted


I have only discovered the Club recently. Living in Newick it is very convenient. Also I use it a lot and the booking system will not show drop in use like me. Developers and the PC generally disregard the need for schools, surgeries and sports facilities and taking this one away would make matters worse.

Alan Scott-Davies, Newick


I live near Groombridge, just across the forest and I’d be lost without the squash club, as would my daughters and their friends too. It’s a facility that keeps people (young and old) fit and healthy. It would be a disaster to lose this valuable resource.

Sarah Cullen, Crowborough


I have been coming to Coffee Morning Squash at NTSC regularly for the past 18 months and for a retired person who wants to keep fit but doesn't want to over-commit, it is ideal. I live in Crowborough which has it's own Squash Club but that is a rather unfriendly and aloof establishment that doesn't offer anything as innovative, inclusive or welcoming as this.

Leigh Southgate, Crowborough


The NTSC has a been a real hub of friendship, community and sport not just for me but for my family too. We have family membership and use the club as often as we can. My son, just 6yrs old, developed a love of squash by watching me on ladies nights and now plays regularly himself. A valuable asset to our community!

Ayisha Robertson – Buxted


3 years ago my son was introduced to squash by his friend and loved it so we signed him up for lessons. His younger brother joined a year later and then his younger sister joined them about 6 months later, and only a month ago the final sibling who has no interest in sport whatsoever started lessons and after the first lesson was hooked and looking forward to the next one! To have 4 children all enjoying the same sport is no small feat! The Nutley squash club is such an amazing facility that I feel is a huge asset to the village...my eldest has taken squash for his GCSE and I filmed him at Nutley to submit to the examining board, he meets his friends to play games and I am comfortable knowing he is safe. A hidden gem indeed.

Tara Creenan, Chelwood Gate


I have had a connection with the club for many years, bringing children from a local school to use the wonderful facilities. Many children have benefitted from access to the courts and some of their families are members. I now have been attending Coffee Morning Squash sessions for nearly two years and am always refreshed by the friendliness of the participants and the expert coaching on offer to us all. I value the opportunity to keep fit in such a friendly and helpful environment. My close family live in Chelwood Gate and always participate in the club quiz. I live in Uckfield but am more than happy to travel in order to play with such lovely people. The club is a vital part of the local community.

David Newbery, Uckfield


My family and I love living in Nutley for many reasons. One of those is the Nutley Tennis and Squash Club. We have been members of the club for many years and use it on an almost weekly basis. It plays an important role in our physical and psychological well being helping us to stay physically fit, to learn, to compete, to meet new people and strengthen existing friendships. I hope the club continues for many years to come.

Gavin Paisley, Nutley


I’ve been playing tennis and squash at the club since primary school as have many who attend the coaching sessions.  Being able to walk to the club for both sports is fantastic. It allows me to enjoy sport with people both in and outside of the village; I’ve made some great friends through the club.

As a teenager, I enjoy racquet sports  not only for fun, but as an important part of my fitness regime. The club provides a valuable facility for people of ALL ages. 

O Painter, Nutley