Finals Day - 2021

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There'll be some terrific tennis to watch this Sunday (5th Sept) from 11am, so come along and watch!  Food will be available, so  that you can munch and watch!

Order of play as follows: 

From 11am:

Spencer Coates vs Stephen Lewins

Carol Hallewell vs Alex Baird

David Reed vs Charles Smithson


From 1pm:

Winner #1 vs Winner #2

Michael Cobb & Stewart Bennett vs Steve Hart & Tristram Hart

Tori Coombe vs Kelly Lickley


From 3pm:

Carol Hallewell & Mark Hallewell vs Winner #3

Lisa Jinks & Dibbs Drewitt vs Louise Haidar & Megan Smedley

Tori Coombe & Matt Coombe vs Winner #4


#1 - Mark Hallewell & John Whight vs Jason Atkinson & Tim Kisiel

#2 - Stephen Lewins & David Reed vs David Robinson & Mike Richardson

#3 - Chris Thompson & Jason Atkinson vs Kelly Lickley & David Robinson

#4 - Cynthia Fairley & Stephen Lewins vs Jemima Hart & Steve Hart