Speed Gun Fund Raiser

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Need for speed?

Want to check how fast your serve is compared to the pros or your fellow teamsters? 
We are looking to raise some funds for a speed gun at the club. This will be available at select evening events and will be available to be used for large events such as the prosecco cup, social tournaments and can be used at charity events to help raise funds. 
We are looking to raise £150, that's just 25% of the members paying £1 each! 
We have updated the till so you can now select the option to add £1(can add multiples if feeling very generous) to the speed gun  collection. 
Hopefully we can hit our target early in the new year to get us ready for the forth-coming season! 😁
It's a fun peice of kit to be enjoyed by adults and children, so if you are excited by this prospect please get involved.