The club has 4 adult men’s and 4 adult ladies’ teams competing in the summer leagues, plus several junior teams and teams for winter leagues and veterans.

If you wish to be considered for a team, then:

  1. Contact the captain (or coach) to signal your intention to be considered for a team.
  2. Attend weekly practice sessions, where you will be able to gauge your level by playing team members.
  3. Make yourself available for the fixtures.

League rules dictate that once a player has played twice for a team, he/she cannot play in a lower team.

Fixtures & Leagues

Find your team’s league here:

Aegon Team Tennis

Summer Doubles Leagues

Matches are also on the club calendar. View the calendar

Team & Practice Session Contacts

Men’s: Martin Radford (Club Tennis Captain)

Ladies: Gill Munro

Tennis Practice Sessions

Men’s practice sessions take place on Tuesday evenings, from 6.00 pm, while ladies’ practice sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 6.00 pm

Session Format

Men’s Night takes place every Tuesday from 6pm and Ladies Night every Wednesday from 6pm. All playing members are encouraged to turn up to practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to mix in and play sets of tennis with your fellow members. Where and when occasions allow a representative from the Tennis Committee will seek to organise members into standardised pairings for the purpose of team practice and players development. The aim of this is to promote match practice for team players and potential team players, while also allowing social tennis for those not interested in playing in teams.