ClubSpark Login Change

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The LTA is making some changes to the way you and your players login to the LTA ClubSpark platform. You may also have read the LTA's coach/club monthly newsletter with the newest changes due to be made to the login procedure. This change previously only impacted those who used a social media login (Facebook, Google or Microsoft), but now they are all using a single LTA login to access the platform. From now on you'll only need to remember one login to access all LTA digital systems. 

Your Next Steps:

The use of a single sign-on is now being extended to those who use a ClubSpark (email/password) login. 

This will be a phased approach over the coming months for all the organisations on the LTA ClubSpark platform. 

PLTC's single sign-on migration will take place from Thursday 7th October 2021.

You and your players will need to log in as normal with the ClubSpark (email/password) login and complete the short 2-3 minute process in creating or merging with an LTA account. 

You and your players will still be able to access the organisation and any bookings. 


Should you or your players have any questions or require further assistance, please read/share the following:


Support Guides

Video Guide