Organised Social Tennis

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At the heart of QBTC are the following club socials, run April-September:

Every 1st Friday (6-10pm) of the month is an evening mix-in session designed for players of all ages and abilities.

Friday 1st April

Friday 6th May

Friday 3rd June

Friday 1st July

Friday 5th August

Friday 2nd September

Every 3rd Saturday (4-8pm) of the month is a ‘Traditional Saturday Tea’. This includes two separate (adult and junior) mix-in sessions designed for all ages and abilities.

Saturday 16th April

Saturday 16th May

Saturday 18th June

Saturday 16th July

Saturday 20th August

Saturday 17th September

For ALL Friday and Saturday socials, you will find the bar open all evening for families, members and friends to enjoy, coupled with a food themed catering option (at a cost).

With family at the heart of everything we do, these events are designed to include everyone.