We offer excellent Group and Individual Coaching for all ages and standards, with our team of excellent LTA Accredited Coaches.


Group Coaching is a great way to learn how to play and improve your game, with the benefit of playing with your peers as well as the coach and enjoying the social benefits of playing tennis.

Group Coaching sessions involve drills, basket feeding and Matchplay practice, both doubles and singles.

“Great content but also a really good atmosphere so the kids have fun and train hard.”

Group Coaching sessions are available on a termly basis or there is limited availability for Pay per Session classes.


Individual Coaching is a great way to top up your group lessons or focus on a particular shot, eg, the serve, which is a complex shot to master.

Individual Coaching lessons can be shared by one, two or three players.

Individual lessons are available predominantly on a Sunday, with coach Aneil Persad, Jack Caso and Tony Lloyd.

"more than anything his encouragement and ability to identify how to get the most out of me was excellent."

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