Coaching ethos

Our aim is for children to have fun whilst learning how to play tennis. Tennis is a social game and group coaching allows the children to have fun with their friends whilst developing their tennis play.  

We teach the children excellent tennis technique, tennis tactics and tennis footwork. Most importantly we want them to enjoy playing tennis and hope they continue playing throughout their lives and if they take a break from tennis they will have a really good tennis foundation that they can build on. 

With our mini and junior classes we are teaching the children to read the incoming ball as well as using the correct tennis technique to hit the ball back e.g. chopper grip on the serve from the start so they get comfortable and can develop their game using the correct basic technique.

We also develop tennis footwork as moving well in tennis is so important. 

We teach tactics alongside technique as tennis is a tactical game, at an early stage this can be a simple as serve to the opponents backhand or try and make your opponent move.

By teaching excellent technique, tactics and footwork the children will have tennis skills for life and if they take a break from tennis they can come back and will always have a good foundation to build on.

"has a brilliant time every week, lots of fun and excellent coaching."

Our Junior Group Coaching Sessions are for 4 to 17 year olds, for all standards, from complete beginners to those who play regularly. 

All our Level 2 coaches and above are LTA Accredited, they love tennis and play and compete regularly. Find out more about them. 

We keep low child to coach ratios to maximise development and progress.

"Good adult teacher/pupil ratio, with individual advice given on how to improve."

We follow the LTA's Youth programme, using red ball, orange, ball and green ball before moving onto the full ball. 

All our Junior lessons have a weekly theme.  Drills and matchplay within the lessons are focused on this theme. 

We run a Team Challenge, Match Week twice a term - before half term and at the end of term so juniors can put all the skills they have learned into a point situation. They can see the progress they have made and understand why we practise skills each week so we can put them into a point situation.

Team Challenge is a fun team based competition, during the regular coaching lesson.

All courses are booked and paid for online. Please register yourself and add your child as a player.