Squad Enrolment

How to enrol on our year-round coaching programme:

Step 1: Enter your player details

Step 2: Setup your direct debit

  • Setup your Direct Debit by selecting the appropriate rate from the table below and entering your bank details. A pro-rated fee will be taken for the remainder of the month with full fees from the following month. There is no minimum term contract and you can cancel at any time (email us before the 25th day of any month)
  • Classes run year-round following the school terms (with an extra week break at Christmas) and we include 4 weeks free of charge in case of any sessions being rained off. 
  • Club Members get a discount - only select the discounted Member rates below if you are a member of the tennis club. You can join the club to access these along with many other benefits, or pay the Guest rate which includes a monthly visitor fee. 
  Club Members Non-Members
45min Sessions £13.49 per month £16.49 per month
60min Sessions £15.99 per month £18.99 per month


Step 3: Sign up for our Coaching Updates:

  • Email - we email all enrolled players on a termly basis with news on events & activities.              
  • WhatsApp - to get the items above direct to your phone plus same-day weather updates for coaching, please click the following links below when broswing on your mobile device (over 18's only please, see our Data Protection Policy): Rhondda Coaching Updates