A group of 17 members joined forces to tidy up the grounds of RTC on Saturday 13th April. With background music from the Cardio Tennis run by Craig, they edged, weeded and trimmed. There was time for a bit of chatting too, especially when the “Tin Man” arrived!  Be and Tosh of Hedonist Bakery supplied coffee and cake which was very welcome.

Tim (not pictured), fitted new pipes to the outside of the pavilion – a job that was long overdue.  Also missing from the photograph is Bob, who made a fine job of the bank near court 3, and Shaun who arrived later to do some weeding later in the morning.

Organiser, Val, was delighted with the progress made, “It’s always really nice to meet new people, and to work together.  I am very grateful to everyone that gave up a few hours to help”, she said.