Tennis Timetable

Monday 3:45-8:30pm - Junior Coaching (term time) (Courts 1+2)

Tuesday 9:00-11:00am  - Men’s Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Tuesday 4:00-6:30pm - Junior Coaching (term time) (Courts 1+2)

Tuesday 6:30-9:00pm - Mixed Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Wednesday 9:00-11:00am - Ladies Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Wednesday 3:45-6:30pm - Junior Coaching (term time) (Courts 1+2)

Thursday 4:00-6:30pm - Junior Coaching (term time) (Courts 1+2)

Thursday 6:30-9:00pm - Mixed Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Friday 9:00-11:00am - Mixed Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Friday 4:00-6:30pm - Junior Club Time (Courts 1+2+3)

Saturday 9:00-10:00am  Junior Coaching (term time) (Courts 1+2+3)

Saturday 2:00-4:30pm - Teams Match Practice (Courts 1+2)

Sunday 10:00-12:00pm - Mixed Club Time (Courts 1+2)

Sunday 4:00-6:00pm - Family Club Time (Courts 1+2)

Mixed / Ladies / Mens Club Times – Senior members only (unless by invitation) mixing in friendly matches

Teams Match Practice – Team members have priority

Family Club Time – All families welcome to mix in for parent/child friendly matches

Junior Club Time – Juniors have priority over court use (10yrs+, usually supervised by a Coach)