Tennis and Squash Restringing Services 2017

  • All rackets need to be restrung on a regular basis to keep them at peak performance.  
  • Grips wear out and need to be replaced regularly to ensure mazimum feel and to avoid injuries. 
  • Grommet strips (the bumper strip on the top of the racket) wear out and can be replaced and should be if necessary. These can be re-fitted for £7.50.
  • Our stringer, Jean-Pierre Guillonnet, has access to just about every string available from natural gut, to synthetics and hybrids. Strings are personal and what is good for one player isn't necessarily good for another. Getting the correct tension of strings is also essential.  Some like a soft tension, some hard, it depends on your style of play.  Your coach and our stringer will advise what suits you best. 

PRICES (includes the re-stringing service and the string itself)

Playability: Soft comfort strings with good feel, touch and effortless power.  Ideal for players who need more power and a larger sweet spot.

Prince premier Attack                                                     £28

Prince premier LT16                                                        £26

Babolat Natural Gut VS (made of sheep's gut)               £45

Plus others from Head, Dunlop, Technifibre, Wilson, LXN


Endurance Series: Firmer feel for control, spin and durability.  Ideal for younger, hard hitting players. 

Prince XP (previously Beast)                                        £25

Prince Poly Spin 3D 16L                                               £24

Head Hawk                                                                  £25

Plus lots more....


All-Round series: Medium soft strings providing a balance of playability. 

Prince synthetic gut - the world's most popluar string!           £23

Prince topspin with Duraflex, more textured for added spin   £25

Head RIP Control, used by lots of coaches.                              £25


Hybrid series: Combining softer and firmer strings which offer power and comfort often favoured by the world's top players. 

Babolat Pro hurricane tour +XCEL                                          £25

Prince Hybrid Power EXP 17/16                                              £25


Re-string with your own string                                               £13.50

Talk with your coach or call J-P on 07831806232  Fast turnaround times.  43 years of stringing experience.  






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