We enter mens and ladies teams into the TDS Ultra Sussex summer &  winter leagues.  For latest match results of the men's and ladies' double teams and league tables use the link here. (Click on ‘Leagues’ (with a trophy insignia not ‘box leagues’) ‘TDS Ultra Summer ’23 (or whichever period you are after e.g. winter ’22 etc) Scroll down to ‘Categories’ and click on ‘Mens doubles’ or ‘Women’s doubles’ ‘Draw’ and then choose from the list of divisions you wish to review.)

Men's teams - We currently have three men's teams playing in the summer league and two in the winter league. Match practice takes place on Thursday evenings. Due to high demand the third men's team was added in the 2019 summer league. This Summer 2023 Mens 1 play in Division 4, and the Mens 2 play in Division 10west and Mens 3 play in Division 13W.

Mens 1 have played all their matches this summer and were in an unassailable position at the top. Andrew Gentry was the top player in the league(out of 69).

In the winter league 2022/23 the Mens 1 team are playing in Division 4 the highest Division ever played in and the Mens 2 are playing in Division 8west.

For further information please contact Simon Stokoe 07957 119756 (1st & 2nd team), Mark McCord 07809 401019 (3rd team)  

Ladies' teams - We have two ladies' teams for the first time playing in the summer league. Also for the first we are entrying a ladies team into the winter league 2023/24. Match practice generally takes place on Tuesday evenings from 5.00pm. The ladies 1st team has been very successful this summer, promoted to Division 8west.  The club is delighted to have a 2nd ladies team Carol Rawnsley is the Captain playing in Division 12west. Currently this summer both ladies teams are doing well maintaining their positions in their divisions.

For further information email the captain Annabel Stokoe 07837 135692 (1st team), Carol Rawnsley 07788 746392 (2nd Team)