Events Calendar

See our Events and Fixtures Calendar Here.

Did you know you can also display our calendar in your own phone or PC calendar and get updates automatically? Most modern Calendar apps allow the displaying of other online calendars alongside your own manually added events. 

Check your calendar's Help file and add the following link to include the South Hampstead dates to your calendar:-

E.g. in your Google Calendar in a browser there is a drop-down button next to "Other Calendars" on the left. This displays a menu which includes "Add By URL". Click on this and cut / paste the above URL into the dialog box. That's it! You should see the SHTC calendar alongside your data (your data is not shared by doing this). Hover over the calendar in the left-hand frame and a drop-down button should show up that holds a menu allowing you to do various things like change the SHTC event colours, or hide the calendar if you wish.


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