Singles Competition 2023

Sunday 23rd July 2003 also saw Spalding Town Tennis Club members competing in the annual club singles Championships where ultimately Hayden Bingham retained his crown as club singles champion.

The players were divided into two groups and played a round-robin format where the winner of Group A played the runner up of Group B in one semi-final, and the runner up of Group A played the winner of Group B in the other semi-final. The two semi-final winners then met in the final.A consolation tournament also saw the third and fourth placed players from each group meet in a similar semi-final and final basis.

The group stages saw group A winner Hayden Bingham beat Carl Newell in the one semi final, and Group B winner Ben Brittain beat Luke Orton in the other.

This resulted in a final between Hayden Bingham and Ben Brittain matched in an hour long set which saw many long, closely fought points in which the two first team players couldn’t be separated despite breaks of serve ended up resulting in a tie break in which Hayden finally beat Ben 7-6.

In the consolation tournament, Yaseen Zalloum beat his brother Mani in one semi final and Martin Brittain defeated Charles Dallas in the other, with Yaseen beating Martin in the final.

A great afternoon which was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike.